Q1. How do your manufacturers ensure personal protective equipment (PPE) is safe and effective?

A1. Our manufacturers follow the guidelines issued by medical governing bodies of the country. The manufacturers that we work with adhere to these regulations and practices to maintain consistent product quality. They also follow performance testing systems to ensure that their products keep our buyers safe.

Q2. When should I wear a mask?

A2. You should wear a mask whenever you go outdoors, especially if you have to enter public places where you won’t be able to maintain social distancing measures. For instance, you should always wear a mask whenever you need to visit a grocery store. Masks are one the most critical items that can reduce the spreading of the coronavirus.

Q3. Why do I need an Infrared Thermometer?

A3. With one of these thermometers, you can measure the body temperature of another individual from a safe distance. Social distancing is currently the only preventive measure that exists. If you can’t maintain safe distance, then you’ll risk contracting the virus. Besides, many people out there don’t even know whether they are carriers or not. This device will help you ascertain whether someone is suffering from fever or not.