Keeping community safe from the pandemic and protecting front line workers is at the top of the world’s agenda. The need for reliable, trusted and certified medical supplies has never been greater.

Leading European Clinics is supporting the urgent global need for high-quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) offered at wholesale prices. We are one of the leading internationally recognised personal protective device and equipment suppliers in the UK. The vast range of PPE we supply is known for its finest quality and performance. Our team has years of experience in procurement for clients around the world and fill the role of facilitator for medical-grade PPE. The medical products provided like face masks, gloves and thermometers are certified to international standards, and your order is overseen from start to finish.

Our relationships with manufacturers and industry professionals enable us to supply high-quality PPE products at fantastically low prices. With us, enjoy a large variety of certified face masks, gloves and thermometers offered at wholesale prices, eliminate the confusions and hassles of sourcing and dealing with various wholesalers as well as get accurate information about the product and materials.

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Disposable Medical Mask KN95
From £3.20(40 pcs). Per Mask £0.8
Disposable Medical Mask 3-ply Type I
From £2.5 box; £0.05 per mask

Disposable Medical Mask 3-ply TypeII

From £2.5 box; £0.055 per mask

Disposable Medical Mask 3-ply TypeIIR

From £3.0 box; £0.06 per mask

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